Welcome to Bandit City! Navigate Marv, who has just been released from ten years of raccoon prison for viciously impersonating a mime, through the minefield of raccoon life decisions as he rediscovers himself and the city.

Will you aim to be remembered as the city's most decorated trinket collector, devote your time to honing your dexterity, become a socialite, or focus on your internal development, as laid out by an eminent raccoon psychologist's hierarchy of needs?

Make sure to watch out for the population and the weather as these may affect your plans!

With multiple 'endings'!


Game Mechanics (this is covered in the tutorial section at the start of a game)

Welcome to Raccoon City! Move around with the arrow or WASD keys. You can do three basic activities:

  • Scavenge for food by pressing at the rubbish bin (bottom centre). Helps replenish your food store, which is consumed from every year; hunger damage is taken for any unmet personal food upkeep.  Scavenging payout is affected by dexterity and the population. Dexterity is gained from scavenging.
  • Socialise in the dumpster (bottom right).  Brings you joy; it also increases the chances of meeting new raccoons.  Socialising payout is affected by the weather.
  • Rest in the cardboard box (bottom left). Replenishes your health, which may have been lost due to hunger, fights during scavenging or extreme weather.

You may choose to develop relationships with raccoons you may meet from dumpster socialising. They may have food or joy upkeep costs to meet, which can change if the relationship is developed further. Unmet food requirements will cause them to leave you.

Job opportunities may appear at any time; these reward dexterity and food, but have requirements to be met before they can be taken.

On the HUD you also have the following stats which may be useful to refer to:

Environment (panel with world icon):

  • Weather forecast
  • Population (optimal population in parenthesis)

External (panel with crown icon):

  • Most amount of trinkets (and runner-up)
  • Most amount of relationships (and runner-up)
  • Most dexterous (and runner-up)

Internal (panel with raccoon head icon):

  • Age/Life Expectancy
  • Food upkeep (followed by food upkeep/income from relationships - a negative number means income)
  • Dexterity

In the hierarchy triangle there is:

  • ???
  •  Sum depth of relationship levels (desired number in parenthesis)
  • Joy (desired number in parenthesis)
  • Food stored (desired number in parenthesis)
  • Health (desired number in parenthesis)

Keep environment aspects in mind for life planning. You can compare yourself to your relationships in various aspects in the external panel, or choose to work on yourself. Good luck out there in the real world, Marv!

Development log


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Great job ! It's a fun simulation game and I enjoyed reading your devlog, particularly the rationale behind the concept.