The weather is hot and Pancakes the cat is bored; take her through a series of Olympics themed minigames to crown this summer's household ultimate feline athlete!

Participate in all 4 games in order to attend the medal ceremony.

Made for Weekly Game Jam 151

Minigame controls


Hurdles: Avoid (or collide?) household obstacles! Use the up arrow to jump
Peekaboo: Sneak up to your owner without being seen! Use the up/down arrows to approach
Laser: Catch the laser point! Use the arrow keys to move around and jump
Paws: Get rewarded with treats by touching owner's hand! Use the left and right arrows to extend L/R paws

Esc to exit the minigame

Tools used: Godot, Audacity, Gimp


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Remember me a cute Warioware like ;) GJ

Cute, especially the Peekaboo minigame :)

It would be nice if there are an end condition rather than simply 'press ESC to return'. Something like finish line in the Hurdles minigame, then player will get medal based on their score

Thank you for the feedback! Yes that's a great point - I'm going to try to put more thought into the gameplay aspect in the future!