Hunters and Gatherers is  a dice-based tabletop style game set in the stone age.

At the start of each round, you are given 8 randomly rolled dice, with the pip values representing effort points.

Each player may assign effort points in turn to various activities with different calorie payoff structures. Dice with the same effort points must be assigned at once.

After 3 rounds, the player with the most number of calories collected wins.

The activities are as follows:

Research: Spend alone time in improving tools. Payoff is multiplied by number of effort points assigned to this task.

Forage: Forage for nearby berries. Payoff split proportionally by effort of each player.

Hunt: Cooperate with fellow hunters to bring down big game. Requires at least three hunters to succeed. If successful, payoff split in proportion to effort contributed

Scavenge: Search for carcasses from predators. Calories awarded to player who expended the most effort.


Tools used: Godot, Inkscape

Sound effects by many_bubble

Everything else by lionbark

Created for Weekly Game Jam 153 (Theme: Roll)


Improvements to be made:

* More sophisticated AI


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Loved the idea.
If you chose action without picking the dices it will replicate last result but dont skip turn.

Cheers! And wow that's a lot of calories XD Good spot with the bug as well - just pushed up a cheeky patch to fix that!

Cool game!  Pretty easy to get with a few turns of play, and I love the sound design.  Could be really fun as a multiplayer game too.  Nice job!

Thank you!